Eagle Beach

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Our Nearest Beach to Aruba Tropic, home of the Divi-Divi Tree, Turtle Nest, and many more wonders it’s only a five-minute drive, and you will be in one of the top-rated beaches on the planet. Eagle Beach stretches for 2 kilometers.

¡Hey we don’t say it, Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers Choice catalogs it as Best of the Best!

And you know the best part? Eagle Beach its only a 5 minute drive from Aruba Tiki Apartments. 

On this beach, you can find the majority of turtles’ nests, especially green and hawksbill turtles nest on this beach between March and September. Divi-divi trees, beach bars, picnic tables, nudist areas, and lots of water sports (like snorkeling!) and even shadow for your perfect beach day on the island.

Now let’s go back to this mystical tree called is always pointing south-west. Facing the wind this endemic tree from Aruba only grows here. Fail attempts to plant it in other parts of the world have been documented.

Its leaves and flowers are a potent astringent, the flowers are sweet of smell and call help heart disease and dyspepsia, also its roots can help ulcerations and gangrene,  diarrhea, fever, reduce cholesterol, help tonsillitis and overall purgative usage.