Tiki Apartments

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Tiki style started in Bars & Restaurants and after they offered a nice escapade with their elaborated cocktails and extravagant decor, the sick style started to extend to urban locations like motels, apartment buildings and even bowling alleys.

Theme apartments in general were not an uncommon site in the American Life of 1950s, nonetheless none of the styles were as elaborate as Tiki.

Los Angeles was one of the melting pots of Tiki, the eternal sunshine state and the proximity to Hollywood made it all happen with the help and imagination of many artists and stage designers .

Lots of fountains with natural rock elements, tiki carvings, plants, bamboo and gas torches gave new fresh air, never seen before.

The tall A-Frame entrances outdoors, amazing big motel signs inspired in the early tiki restaurants, pool gardens with polynesian big totem sculptures with glowing laser red bulb light-eyes that penetrated the imagination of anyone that saw them.

Apartment names like Playa del rey Polynesan Apartments, Bali Hai Garden Apts, Kapu Tiki Aps, Chateau Tiki, Outrugger Inn Motor Hotel , Coral Reef Lodge and Makai were the latest trend with advertisements messages like 

You too could live like a king in this polynesian wonderland!

the Decor was often provided by Oceanic Arts in Whittier, California